Colormania: Cheats, answers, and solutions guide


Colormania is the latest mobile app to use widely-recognized icons, symbols, logos, and characters to create an enjoyable (and sometimes challenging) guessing game. Instead of guessing what the character is, though, you must remember what COLOR it is.

Addictive as it is, Colormania can get pretty tough. Thanks to our friends at Modojo, though, we've got all of the answers right HERE!

Check our our level-by-level answer guide to Colormania below:

Levels 1-10

Icon 1

Levels 11-20

Icon 11

Levels 21-30

Icon 21

Levels 31-40

Icon 31

Levels 41-50

Icon 41

Levels 51-60

Icon 51

Levels 61-70

Icon 61

Levels 71-80

Icon 71

Levels 81-90

Icon 81

Levels 91-100

Icon 91

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