PS4 will have "high end visuals without compromise"

PS4 Controller
PS4 Controller

Sony has been doing very well at winning over consumers for their upcoming PS4, especially when they stress the importance of games.

They plan on getting as many games as they can out there -- one of them being a free-to-play title by Digital Extremes called Warframe.

The Creative Director of Warframe, Steven Sinclair, recently did an interview where he discussed the upcoming game and the experience of developing for the PS4.

Sinclair states, "Independence! When we pitched the original idea it was too risky for the people we talked to. When we had freed up a few people (almost a decade later!) to work on what was next, we found ourselves coming back to those ideas we had to shelve.

"Free-to-play was a way we could start small and build something without taking a publishing contract and without losing creative control,"

When asked what was the motivation to develop for the PS4 he answers, "PS4 is a powerful console with great connectivity and online features. It lets us bring over our high-end visuals without compromise, with the promise of pushing it even further in the future."

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