NBA 2K14 Soundtrack list revealed

Lebron NBA 2k14
Lebron NBA 2k14

Earlier today, 2K games revealed the official soundtrack for their upcoming NBA 2K14 video game. Every song on the list was hand-picked exclusively by Lebron James himself. The complete list of his choices can be listened to below:

Hip-Hop fans can expect the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Nas, and Jay Z to grace this year's soundtrack like they pretty much did with every other release beforehand. The additions of Phil Collins, Gorillaz, and Daft Punk are all cool choices that should offer a nice, but brief diversity of music this time around.

Overall, the full tracklist is just about what you would expect from a typical NBA 2K game. I'll be curious to see if EA Sports takes the same approach with NBA LIVE 14 and lets Kylie Irving compose their soundtrack.

While NBA 2K has and will continue to be the reigning king of basketball video games, it is clear that NBA LIVE has an opportunity to catch up with them starting out this year. The showdown should be quite entertaining and I can't wait to see what both companies bring to the table on next-gen systems.

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