The Top 10 Most "All-American" Cars Are Shockingly Japanese

The Top 10 Most "All-American" Cars Are Shockingly Japanese

As the auto industry rapidly changes, distinctions that were once clear in terms of which cars or manufacturers are truly "American" have blurred. Domestic brands have been bought and sold by foreign companies, while many Japanese automakers boast significant production from domestically located factories. has created its own system, the American-Made Index, which considers a variety of factors in determining which vehicles have the most red, white, and blue in their veins.

While rankings like this may seem irrelevant to investors, big-ticket purchases such as automobiles and homes are often done with the heart and not the head. Many people buy domestically manufactured vehicles on principle, and being "more American" can be as important a car's price and features.

A high ranking in one direction or another can boost loyalty and pricing power as well.

Considering all of these factors, I selected the best automaker for a recovering U.S. auto industry in the following slide show.

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