What to Watch With 3M's Stock

What to Watch With 3M's Stock

3M has gained 33% over the past year, when including dividends, and for the company to continue that strong performance investors will expect more growth than we've seen recently. Organic growth was just 2.9% in the first quarter, which isn't impressive, but the good news is that the company is investing more in R&D to fuel growth. Motley Fool contributor Travis Hoium covers what investors should be watching for regarding 3M's stock.

Companies such as 3M have leveraged low costs in China to expand margins, but these days it's all about speed in R&D and manufacturing. 3M is one of thousands of companies using new technology to turn products into reality almost in real-time, changing everything we thought we knew about manufacturing. Read all about the biggest industry disrupters since the personal computer in "3 Stocks to Own for the New Industrial Revolution". Just click here to learn more.

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