GTA V lithograph included with BradyGames' strategy guide pre-order


BradyGames' Official Grand Theft Auto 5 Signature Series Strategy Guide is now available for pre-order and if the massive open-world nature of the game wasn't enough reason to go out and purchase it, then maybe Rockstar's pre-order incentive can convince you.

Rockstar Games will include a free exclusive lithograph of the accompanying photo, featuring Michael, Trevor, and Franklin -- the game's three playable charactres -- as they prepare to take down an armored car in one of the GTA 5 missions.

As for the guide, The Signature Series ($24.99) is a lengthy 400 pages consisting of a complete walkthrough for GTA 5 along with mission maps that identify key objectives. It also includes "thorough coverage of all off-mission activities and maps that detail every square mile of Los Santos and Blaine County."

There's also a 432 page hardcover bound Limited Edition ($36.99) that includes all of the content above plus an exclusive bonus lithograph and a collection of GTA 5 illustrations.

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