New App Store game releases - July 25, 2013

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Midnight Thursday's been and gone, and that only means one thing: games, games, games. We've picked out ten of the latest titles to hit the App Store, and we'll be surprised if there isn't something to suit every sort of gamer in our round-up today. Played any of these new titles? Let us know what you think of them in the comments section below.

Asterix: MegaSlap

"Travel through the most symbolic countries from the adventures of Asterix, from the Gaul village to Egypt via the Compendium Roman camp, Lutetia and, of course, Rome...and not forgetting the pirates, by Jove! On his journey your Roman will encounter some of the cult characters from the comic series, not only Obelix and Dogmatix, but also the pirates, Normans and Roman patrols."

Download Asterix: MegaSlap - iOS

Battle Rush

"Battle Rush is an incredible combination of endless runner and real time players versus player battles! During battle ,collect attack bugs that will inflict damage to your opponents at your command and heal yourself by catching life bugs while you dodge obstacles and get power ups. Win battles, gain experience and level up your characters to get stronger. Compete with friends and players from all over the world to become the best."

Download Battle Rush - iOS


"Classic early 80's style arcade space shooter, with a laid back vibe and easy, smooth controls. Just chillax and shoot some aliens for a while."

Download Chillaxian - iOS

Dare Devil Devlin


"Introducing the newest, the most rad and awesomesaucest bike game ever to grace the App Store, Daredevil Devlin. Meet Devlin, a wooden doll that wants to be recognized as one of the elite Daredevils. Survive tons of exciting and challenging levels. With tough puzzles and obstacles. Think your way through the levels. Solve how to finish each level the best way possible without killing yourself up. Simply, a game with an attitude."

Download Dar Devil Devlin - iOS

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