MovieStarPlanet offers fun, safe, social environment for kids to express creativity


Kids are becoming adept to the internet at younger and younger ages, which makes the question of internet safety as relevant as ever. If kids are exploring the internet so early on, how can parents ensure that their children can be safe and smart while also being social and having fun? Look no further than MovieStarPlanet.

MovieStarPlanet is an online social universe ideally for children aged 9 - 15 that combines style, gaming, and social interaction into one big, boldly-colored world for them to explore. Free to play (but with premium content available), MovieStarPlanet allows kids to create their own movie star avatars and customize their outfits, rooms, and lifestyles.

Once they've created a stylish avatar, users can then choose to do a multitude of things in an effort to increase their "fame" and earn StarCoins, the currency of the MSP universe. Whether they want to play one of the games in the surprisingly extensive game library, go to MovieTown to make a movie (for fellow users and friends to support in various creative competitions), shop for new clothing using their StarCoins, or adopt a new pet, there is never a dull moment in MovieStarPlanet.

Not only that, but it's also an incredibly safe and monitored environment made especially for kids. The chat rooms and profiles are closely watched while keeping the MSP code of conduct in consideration. This world is catering as much to the parents as it is the children -- and it's easy to see that.

In addition to an online world accessible on a computer, there is also a relatively new MovieStarPlanet mobile app that allows users to be plugged-in to the social world they've created while on the go.

If you haven't already jumped into the MovieStarPlanet universe, we suggest you do so -- it's fun, it's social, and it allows players to express themselves creatively and share their visions with their friends.