The Royal Baby By the Numbers

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Now that they're not declaring wars and lopping off heads, one of the primary duties of Britain's royal family is raising money and boosting England's economy. And, while he has not yet been named, the new child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is already doing his part by stimulating the country's tourism industry, souvenir companies and -- oddly -- bookmakers. Here's a glimpse at some fascinating facts and figures about William and Kate's royal bundle:

Five most-likely names, according to odds-maker Paddy Power: George, James, Alexander, Louis, Arthur

Odds that George will be the bundle's name: 7-4

Odds that Elvis will be the bundle's name: 500-1

Five equally unlikely names: Rumpelstiltskin, Charming, Kong, Titus, Tyler

Blood relationship between William and Kate: Twelfth cousins, once removed

Blood relationship between Prince Charles and Princess Diana: Seventh cousins once removed

Blood relationship between Prince Charles and Amanda Knatchbull, the woman he proposed to before Diana: Second cousins

Cost of a royal baby morning sickness bag: $4.60

Cost of a Baskin-Robbins Royal Baby Cake: £8.60

Weight of the royal baby: 8 pounds, 6 ounces

Number of royal baby morning sickness bags you'll need if you eat an entire Baskin-Robbins Royal Baby Cake: Unknown

Estimated cost of the royal bundle's delivery: $15,000

Average cost of a delivery in the U.S.: $30,000

Cost of an officially licensed royal baby commemorative plate from Royal Crown Derby: $24,560

Estimated revenues from sales of royal baby souvenirs: $238 million

Estimated cost of William and Kate's wedding: $34 million

Most expensive wedding ever: William and Kate's

Estimated revenues from Royal Wedding memorabilia: $340.7 million

If the baby is named Elvis, number of dollars you'd have to bet in order to make enough money to buy a Royal Crown Derby commemorative plate: $50.

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