Microsoft: Xbox One pre-orders 'through the roof' at GameStop

Xbox One
Xbox One

As most are aware by now, the Xbox One Launch Day Edition remains unavailable for pre-order at GameStop. We assumed this simply meant that GameStop's launch day allocation was reached -- a number we weren't sure was too high to begin with. According to Xbox chief of staff Aaron Greenberg though, demand for the Xbox One at GameStop has been "through the roof."

"Demand was through the roof, so preorders stopped for now," Greenberg said on Twitter when asked if more consoles will be made available at the retailer. "Get on the GameStop first to know list for preorder updates."

GameStop began accepting pre-orders for the Xbox One on June 10, the day Microsoft confirmed the console's $500 price point and November release window. Shortly after, the retailer halted pre-orders after the launch cap was reached; however, some GameStop stores pointed out that they were given very few systems to begin with. Some stores noted they were given only 16 Xbox One units compared to 60 PlayStation 4 consoles. So it's really hard to judge exactly how many systems have been pre-ordered to date.

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