1 Thing Farmers Simply Can't Live Without

1 Thing Farmers Simply Can't Live Without

Drought and malnutrition can wreak havoc on a farmer's crop production. That's why fertilizers, such as potash, are so vital, especially as available, arable land continues to decline. Potash does more than just aid in water retention and enhance a plants ability to withstand extreme climates. It also contributes mightily to the revenue and profits of companies like PotashCorp and Agrium .

Both of these companies will be reporting over the next three weeks, with PotashCorp announcing its latest quarterly performance on Thursday, July 25. After record potash sales volumes at Mosaic , Motley Fool analyst Taylor Muckerman has high hopes for this segment at PotashCorp. He'll be looking for PotashCorp's realized prices and the effects of greater diversification through the sale of nitrogen- and phosphate-based fertilizers as well. Tune in below for more.

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