Xbox One Kinect can map your face to in-game models

Xbox Kinect
Xbox Kinect

Microsoft's new Kinect peripheral will allow you to map your face to in-game models on the Xbox One, according to a demonstration shown off at Comic-Con this past weekend. During "The Future of Xbox" panel, Nick Burton, lead of new technology at Rare, produced a mask of his very own face that could be mapped to in-game models.

"Rather than the gamer pic versions of yourself in games like Rainbow Six, you can now import your own face geometry and even your BMI onto character models in the games," a report from IGN noted. "The whole game also tracks your face during gameplay and will reproduce your real life facial expressions on the in game models."

Elsewhere in the panel wrap-up, it was explained that the Xbox One is about "10x the resolution of the current version and can read the folds in your face and discriminate among your fingers even at three meters."

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