On the Xbox One, you're 'always' recording gameplay

Xbox Kinect

At Microsoft's Xbox One panel at Comic-Con this weekend it was revealed that the system will record the last five minutes of your gameplay session. Comparatively, the PlayStation 4 will record your last 15 minutes of gameplay. But don't let the 10 minute difference mislead you, as Microsoft Studios creative director Ken Lobb explained that, technically, you're always recording while playing Xbox One.

"The idea is you're always recording," Lobb said.. "The last five minutes of any game you're playing are always being stored on your hard drive." But what if something amazing happens in the middle of your game and you are unable to pause your session to save the last five minutes, what then?
It's as simple as saying "Xbox, record that."

"Say you're playing online and you just did the best thing ever – you can't pause as you're playing online. You can say 'Xbox, record that' and it'll grab the last 30 seconds of gameplay for you to play around with later," he explained.

So while you're last 15 minutes won't record, at least there is some functionality built in with the Kinect to allow a seamless recording process.

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