South Park creators: 'It's been impossible' balancing new characters and honoring the show in The Stick of Truth

South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker have found it "impossible" to balance the introduction of new characters while honoring the show in their upcoming game South Park: The Stick of Truth.

Speaking at Comic-Con, the show's creators, now working on the game alongside Obsidian's developers, explained that they had to cut down the nearly 850-page script. One of the most difficult things they've had to do is find balance between what characters and gags from the show to bring into the game.

"How much do you want to include new characters? And how much do we want to go back and honor the show?" Stone reiterated during the panel. "It's been impossible."

I saw the game at E3 last month and I actually thought it had quite a nice balance of new and old. While some of the jokes are new, the characters' attitudes, beliefs, and tones stay the same, creating a vibe really similar to the show. So I wouldn't necessarily say it's been impossible; then again, I haven't spent months editing which content won't make it into the final version. The two repeatedly referred to the game's development as a six month-long Tuesday -- a reference to the chaotic day before the South Park TV show airs.

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