Pac-Man Dash! - Gameplay tips

Pac-Man Dash
Pac-Man Dash

-You can replay previously completed missions for more cookies.

-Don't worry about missing platforms. From what we've seen, Pac-Man cannot die.

-Eat as many ghosts as possible to add precious seconds to the clock. Keep in mind these ghosts grow progressively quicker. You may need to jump to devour the trickier ones.

-Keeping Pac-Man in the air for extended periods of time will quickly deplete the clock.

-You'll know you've completed an objective when a medal appears at the top right corner of the screen.

-Forget the mission altogether? Pause the game to view it.

-Perform well to earn Clear Bonuses. Namco Bandai will let you "rent" different characters for set periods of time and/or purchase them using cookies at reduced prices. Go ahead and give Spinner Ice Pac a try.

-Think of Stamina as chances to play Pac-Man Dash! You receive 10 right away. When those run out, you must wait until at least one refills over time to play again, or you can purchase Stamina from the shop.

-You can adjust button placement from the options menu. Look for the wrench icon.

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