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Nuclear Outrun

Zombie Road Trip fans will get a creeping sense of deja vu when playing Nuclear Outrun. As with that earlier game, you take charge of a vehicle on a murderous rampage through an apocalyptic city, one that's full of marauding undead. There are guns to be unlocked and vehicles to be earned, all in the pursuit of a new high score. It unquestionably owes a lot to Noodlecake's successful title, but there are a handful of differences to separate the two.

Nuclear Outrun

Movement across these particular 2D landscapes is automated, and so your only real job is to take control of the generous assortment of weapons that are on hand. As the car trundles over bumps and valleys in the road, you need to cycle through your weapons, using screen taps to take potshots at the zombies littering the road ahead - not to mention the explosives parcels and debris, all of which can damage your vehicle if you run into them. If your car's damage meter depletes entirely, it's back to the start for you.

Those zombies come in a wide variety of flavors too. Some crawl along the road slowly, while others bounce around, and some fly in on jetpacks, firing deadly missiles at you which need to be taken out in short order. While you start with four weapons, each one only has a limited amount of ammo, so you really need to be sparing with your firepower if you're to reach the various mission milestones the game throws at you. While the gameplay is pretty primitive overall, the different guns on offer are pretty fun to experiment with.

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