N.J. Town Fires Worker, Citing 'Appalling' Facebook Remarks


Maplewood, NJ, frequently referred to as one of America's most liberal and tolerant towns, fired an employee for "profanity-laced" Facebook comments criticizing gay marriage, liberals, and abortion. The town's mayor called the worker's comments "appalling," according to a Maplewood Patch report, but the firing already is provoking debate among residents.

Sam Falcetano Jr., who posted on a publicly-viewable Facebook page called "Memories of living in South Orange, NJ or Maplewood, NJ," allegedly made homophobic slurs and complained about "liberals who have voted for Obama [and] ruined the Maplewood I grew up in." The Patch reports:

From there, Falcetano segued into statements criticizing teachers who "force feed their pupils a liberal agenda," abortion and gay marriage, which he said "breaks down the moral fabric of society."

"...don't try and force your perverted man on man into our traditional marriage," one post read.

Some posts contained allegedly more graphic comments. The posts were reportedly removed late on July 15, after town officials learned of it. In the posts, Falcetano also reportedly identified himself as an employee of Maplewood.