How to run the GNU Option in NCAA 14

GNU Option in NCAA 14
GNU Option in NCAA 14

The GNU Option can win you tons of NCAA Football 14 games all by itself. It is the easiest yet most effective NCAA Football 14 tip available. In this post, we are going to go over exactly how to set it up and run it properly. If done correctly, you will be giving your opponent headaches in no time.

The GNU (pronounced "New") option is named after Madden-School founder Modrewgnu who found and perfected the unique play. It works against both man defense, zone defense, and any sort of blitz.

If you mix this play in with others out of the same formation, your offense will become as close to unstoppable as it gets.

Formation: Shotgun Bunch Quads
Play: WR Mid Screen (aka The GNU Option)


  1. Hot route your Y/triangle receiver to a drag route

  2. Hot route your B/circle receiver to an in route


  1. Your Y/triangle receiver will pretty much always be open

  2. Look to your circle/B receiver if he is open

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