Sonic Lost World: Release date announced, new trailer and screenshots released

Sonic Lost World
Sonic Lost World

As per Pure Nintendo, this week SEGA has released a ton of new Sonic Lost World information that should get both hardcore and low-key Sonic fans excited for the new title.

Sonic Lost World, as announced, will be released in North America on October 22nd of this year (with the European release surely to follow soon thereafter).

In addition to announcing the release date, SEGA also released a brand new trailer for the highly-anticipated game that shows off Sonic's numerous new transforming powers like an eagle, a music note, and an astroid, as well as classic powers like drill, laser, and rocket. Sonic will need all of these powers to defeat "The Deadly Six."

Check out the new Sonic Lost World trailer:

To further the excitement, SEGA also released a few new screenshots which you can check out at Pure Nintendo >