PlayStation 4 supports PS3 wireless headsets, Sony confirms

PS3 headset
PS3 headset

Hang on to those PlayStation 3 wireless headsets, folks, the PS4 will support them. A Sony official told Polygon that the PlayStation 4 will support PlayStation 3 headsets, meaning you won't have to go out and purchase an entirely new one.

Regardless of your decision, the PS4 will still ship with its own headset -- a mono earbud with a microphone attached to the wire. I don't know about you, but I personally hate having those earbud headsets. Still, I suppose the mono earbud is better than what Microsoft is offering with the Xbox One which is no headset at all. Rather than including even the most basic headset with the Xbox One, the system will instead emphasize the Kinect's voice inputs. On top of that, previous-generation Xbox headsets will not be compatible with the Xbox One controller due to a new adapter port.

The PlayStation 4 is due out later this year during the holiday season and will be available for $399. Alternatively, the Xbox One will be released in November for $499. Does the fact that the PS4 will support older headsets sway your decision at all? Both systems are on full display at this week's Comic-Con International: San Diego, giving attendees a chance to compare the two with hands-on time.

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