Beach House Diaries: 8 Teen Beach House Tips

teen throwing frisbee

I've discovered that teens are a species best handled in BFF pairs (at beach houses, as in school yards, trios can be tricky) or in big groups -- preferably in the absence of their parents so there are no mixed messages regarding house rules and acceptable levels of behavior. These do's and don'ts will let you learn from my past mistakes.
  • Having friends visit helps your own teen avoid FOMO (fear of missing out), but don't invite anyone whose company you don't genuinely enjoy.
  • If your property has quirks (say a low water supply, pest problems or finicky toilets), do tell teens upfront so that they can act accordingly.
  • As with any group, don't overextend yourself or you'll be inside prepping dinner (and quietly seething) while they are out having fun.
  • Do bring a Frisbee along: they are easy to pack, impossible to break and endlessly entertaining -- assuming they don't float away.
  • Don't be shocked if something gets busted (note to self: remind active guests that kayak paddles should not be used as baseball bats).
  • Even if you have lots of electronics onsite, do encourage kids to take a "digital detox" The world doesn't need more fish-lipped selfies.
  • Don't forget to nag broiling teens (nicely) about putting sunscreen on. Just because they have it doesn't necessarily mean they'll apply it.
  • Unless you love making beds and vacuuming sand out of couch crevices, do ask kids to pitch in at clean-up time. They can actually be helpful.

Susan MacCallum-Whitcomb will report on life at a summer beach house in AOL Travel's weekly Beach House Diaries. Follow along with her or share your beach house tips in the comments below.
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