Battlefield 4 might have up to 70 online players

Battlefield 4
Battlefield 4

For the past decade and a half, they've been claiming that PC gaming was dead. With each successive generation of consoles, the fanboys come pouring forth to ask how exactly the PC could stack up in the face of such opposition. That hasn't happened so much with this generation - perhaps because both big consoles look and operate like PCs for the most part - but one piece of ammo that the PC gamers have always had, is that their online multiplayer games have always had more players.

While consoles have languished with perhaps 12 players per game, PC gamers have enjoyed 32 on 32 battles for years and years. Now though, we could be about to get a few more per team in the next Battlefield.

While BF4 is already known likely to have 33 on 33 games, with the traditional 32 + a single commander, a rumour has surfaced over at BFCentral, that there will also be another 2 players per team, to bring the total to 35 each.

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