Visa Maintains Dividends

Visa Maintains Dividends

The card's been swiped and the money is on its way. Visa has declared its latest common stock dividends, which are to be $0.33 per each class A and C share, and $0.139 in the case of class B. All will be handed out on Sept. 4 to holders of record as of Aug. 16. Those amounts match each of the credit card giant's three previous sets of distributions, the most recent of which was paid early last month. Before that, Visa handed out $0.22 per class A and C share, and $0.094 for class B.

The just-declared class A and C dividend annualizes to $1.32 per share. That yields 0.7% at Visa's most recent closing stock price of $189.38. The annualized payout for class B is $0.556, yielding 0.3%.

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