Nokia Replaces BlackBerry at Gi Group

Nokia Replaces BlackBerry at Gi Group

Chalk up another win for Nokia .

Following on the heels of reports last week, that Russia's Mobile Telesystems has halted orders of Apple iPhones for resale to its customers, Nokia announced that one of its own customers has chosen the Nokia Lumia smartphone to replace BlackBerry mobile devices used by its workforce.

On Tuesday, Nokia confirmed that Italian human resources firm Gi Group "has chosen Nokia Lumia as its business smartphone, replacing BlackBerry" among its workforce of more than 800 employees in 19 countries around the world. Henceforth, Gi Group employees will be equipped with Lumia 925s, 820s, and 620s, all able to "seamlessly operate with Gi Group's Microsoft Outlook mail and Microsoft Office applications."

Gi Group HR manager Barbara Cottini was quoted citing the need "to connect with colleagues and access and edit Microsoft Office documents, wherever they happen to be" as a key factor in choosing the Microsoft -powered Lumia over the BlackBerry.

Despite the good news, Nokia shares traded down 3% Tuesday, to $4 a share.

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