Celebrate your Madden NFL 25 Super Bowl with an in-game GMC truck

GMC Madden 25
GMC Madden 25

GMC is the official vehicle of Madden NFL 25. What this means is that in-game advertising returns to the popular football series as the all-new 2014 GMC Sierra full-size pickup will be included in this year's installment.

"The vehicles will appear at various points during gameplay, including after a Super Bowl victory. Just as in real life, the game's MVP will be awarded a vehicle," GMC wrote. Three other models -- Yukon, Acadia and Terrain -- will also be included in the game.

GMC will also be sponsoring Madden NFL 25's "Never Say Never Moment of the Week," which sounds a bit like the old Madden Moments Live. During the NFL season, GMC will select the "moment that best demonstrates a combination of impressive athletic performance, intelligence, and preparation." You'll then be able to play out those moments in-game and hope to achieve the same outcome.

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