Nordstrom's 99-Year-Old Greeter Still Working And Smiling

Nordstrom greeterStore "people greeters" are an endangered species in American retail. Walmart scrapped theirs last year, and the upscale fashion chain Nordstrom has only one left in the entire country. His name is Ted DiNunzio, and in December he's turning 100.

"Good morning young lady. Morning. Welcome to Nordstrom," DiNunzio says in the entrance way of the Arcadia, Calif. clothing store, on his feet, in a suit and tie, welcoming each and every person who walks through the doors, going on 13 years. (Watch the video below.)

DiNunzio was a meat cutter by trade, but retired in the 1980s to care for his wife with cancer. But after she passed away, he wanted a way to stay busy.

"When you get old, you gotta keep moving around," he told "You can't just sit down and watch TV."

With comfy shoes and a chair for support, this grandpa has found a second career, and a second life. "This is a nice home," he said, "right here."

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