Microsoft in position to make 'comeback' with Xbox One, says research firm

Xbox One
Xbox One

Nearly a month after Microsoft's 180 on the Xbox One's strict DRM, social media research firm Fizziology believes Microsoft's next-gen system could be in position to "make a comeback."

Fizziology, a company who tracks social media reaction to key things and products, supplied us with a breakdown of the "negative conversation" that surrounded the Xbox One for the two weeks after E3 in June. Of the more than one million mentions on Twitter and Facebook in the two weeks, 33% of the conversation was negative.

"While social chatter was more negative than the PS4, almost all of the negative Xbox One chatter came from people upset about the restrictive features like non-backwards compatibility, DRM and the always online requirement; features that Microsoft changed soon after the negative backlash at E3," Fizziology told GameZone.

Of course, shortly after the trade show, Microsoft announced a complete reversal in Xbox One's policies -- removing the DRM and allowing users to freely play and share pre-owned games, without having to check-in online. Fizziology believes that the changes in policy could help Microsoft make a comeback with the Xbox One, since most of the primary concerns were rectified.

Breaking down the negative Xbox One conversation looked like this:

  • Xbox One features: 20%

  • Used game restrictions: 25%

  • Always online requirement: 20%

  • DRM: 15%

  • Non-backwards compatibility: 5%

  • Too expensive: 8%

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