Ubisoft: Xbox One, PS4 are 'not the last generation'

Next-gen consoles
Next-gen consoles

There seems to be a believe among some in the gaming industry that this upcoming cycle of consoles -- the Xbox One and PS4 (lets also include the Wii U) -- will be the last generation we see released by the big three. Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot is not one of those people.

Speaking to CVG, Guillemot acknowledged that developments surrounding the cloud were likely to have significant impacts on the future of gaming, but did not agree that it will result in this being the last generation of consoles released.

"I still think it is not the last generation, because the manufacturers want a way to control their platform and the machine is the best way to have a specific access to that," he said.

"I think that the cloud is going to change a few things. Now with cloud and the increase of bandwidth we should have the possibility to increase the quality of games a lot over the next few years. But I think five years is the right timing for it.

"If we can take advantage of the quality those machines bring, and if we can spend money, then I think we can make the business grow very fast."

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