Nearly 50% of gamers are female, new ESA study finds

Lara Croft
Lara Croft

A new study by the Entertainment Software Association will hopefully put an end to a long-standing stereotypical belief about gamers with its findings. Gaming isn't being dominated by teenage boys, despite whatever preconceptions may exist.

Females make up about half of the "gamer" population. The ESA released a new report this week which revealed that 45% of gamers are women and that they make up 46% of the frequent video game purchasers. The study, "2013 Essential Facts About the Computer and Video Game Industry," found that adult women (18 and older) represent 31% of the video game population. And the real kicker, boys 17 and under make up only 19% of today's gamers.

So the next time you think of making a sexist joke about a "girl gamer," remember that they make up nearly 50% of this culture. Similarly, let's put an end to the notion that all gamers are underage boys hiding in their basement.

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