Devil Maker: Tokyo's dynamic gameplay makes it worth the download

Devil Maker: Tokyo

Devil Maker: Tokyo, which is set to launch this coming Monday (July 15), is PC online game publisher SG Interactive's first mobile gaming release and if you're a fan of anime or RPGs or card battle games, then you'll love it.

The game takes place not too far into the future where Tokyo has just been enveloped in darkness. Devils -- good and bad -- are coexisting with humans and it's your job to bring light back to the city. There are two types of devils roaming around: devils of darkness and devils of light. Your job (as a "contractor") is to convert the devils of darkness into devils of light in order to bring light back to Tokyo.

What makes the game unpredictable, though, is that what determines where you go and what you do are cards that can be either "rewarding or perilous." With over 500 cards available, you can only begin imagine the possibilities.

With high-quality anime graphics and dynamic gameplay, Devil Maker: Tokyo is an addicting and creative game that proves to be an impressive first venture by SG Interactive into the mobile gaming space.

Devil Maker: Tokyo will be available for download this Monday, July 15.

Check out a few screenshots from the game below:

Devil Maker: tokyo

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