Pregnant Radio Host's Water Breaks Live On-Air [AUDIO]

Most women work into their ninth month of pregnancy (80 percent according to the U.S. Census). But it's pretty rare for a woman's water to break while on the job, and even rarer for that to happen live on-air.

Radio show host Kathie J (pictured) shared her special moment with Denver audiences Wednesday morning. As a co-host introduced KS107.5's morning show, there are squeals of "Oh my god!" and a male voice saying "Oh my God, gross! That is so, what... Did you just pee?"

It was not pee, but rather amniotic fluid aka the joyous harbinger of life. (Listen to the full recording below.)

"I think my water just break!" shrieks Kathie J, who didn't expect her child for another week. "What do I now?"

"Call your husband for god's sake!" a co-host suggests, and Kathie J was swiftly whisked away to the hospital.

Working until you go into labor may not be the best thing for a baby -- one study last year found that working into your last month of pregnancy can be as dangerous for your newborn as smoking -- but Kathie J soon gave birth to a perfectly healthy baby girl, weighing seven pounds, one ounce. And Kathie J won't be staying away from the studio for long.

"Definitely next week I'll be back," she told "Okay, maybe not. I'm going to take a few days off, but not too many. We'll work it out."

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