Best Beach Cruiser Rides

best beach cruiser rides

There's something special about a bike ride at the beach. The easy pace of a well-worn beach cruiser is a nod to the relaxed speed of life at the shore. A cycle along the water, the dunes or on a waterfront path is a perfect outdoor activity in the summer. You'll feel the sun on your face. Smell hints of salt or lake water in the sea breezes. Feel slightly better about working off some of that seafood feast you ate last night.

It doesn't matter how far you go or how fast you pedal -- a beach cruiser ride is all about enjoying your local surroundings. We've picked five of the best beach cruiser bike rides in the country, and our writers hit the trails to explore the shorelines, trails and places to stop along the way. From the Waccamaw Neck Bikeway in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to the Discovery Trail on Long Beach Peninsula in Washington, these bike rides take in cities, gardens, forests and of course, beaches.

Follow along in the slideshows below, and enjoy the ride.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina: Waccamaw Neck Bikeway
Cycling at South Carolina's Myrtle Beach is two-wheel travel at its beachy best. Just south of Myrtle Beach proper, the Waccamaw Neck Bikeway punctuates the area's natural scenery with spots to savor fresh cooking and local art and architecture. Much of the paved path is closed to vehicular traffic, and it generally runs through wooded public land.
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Chicago, Illinois: Lakefront Trail

Timing is everything when it comes to biking Chicago's Lakefront Trail, especially from the comfy seat of a beach cruiser. Sandwiched between the city's legendary skyline and the ocean-like views of Lake Michigan, the 18-mile trail traverses everything from city parks, harbors and a dozen or so beaches to long, uninterrupted stretches of pathway. It is the undisputed champion of Chicago's views.
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Long Beach Peninsula, Washington: Discovery Trail

A thin veil of mist seeps in from the ocean, blanketing the dunes and making the serpentine Discovery Trailahead of me appear as though it winds up into the clouds. As I spin my beach cruiser through a gentle watercolor landscape, I breathe in the salt-tinged air. The cry of gulls punctuates the sound of the Pacific Ocean waves sighing onto the sand, and a breeze keeps me cool.
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Cape Cod, Massachusetts: Shining Sea Bikeway
Trails all over the Cape offer a great getaway from the typical white sand beaches of the area. While the trails prohibit motor vehicles, you will definitely share the path with skaters, walkers and other bikers. Regardless, bring your camera and binoculars, because you'll catch a variety of wildlife views along the way.
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Beach Cruising: Biking Venice and Santa Monica
Angelenos would have you believe that we are and will always be car people. We tell you we like our freeways long and our tops down. But, like the Tinseltown dreams our main industry peddles you, this image is a slight fabrication. Some of us are bikers, careening down park trails, daringly darting in and out of traffic and coaching kids with training wheels around suburban subdivisions.
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