Debt Collectors Turn Homeowner's Relief at Paying Off Loan to Grief


Back in April, Kansas City, Mo., homeowner Stephanie Caldwell reached the moment of relief that most homeowners dream of -- paying off mortgage loans -- or so she thought. As KMBC 9 News reports, Caldwell (pictured at left) believed she was able to pay off her mortgage loan early, but after mailing her check of $10,564.64, she began receiving collection calls.

It was three months after mailing the check that Caldwell received a letter in the mail from her mortgage company, HSBC, claiming that she still owed for her mortgage payment and was delinquent. Confused and concerned about the situation's detrimental effect on her credit report, Stephanie Caldwell turned to KMBC, as seen in the video above. It's "9 Can Help" investigation of HSBC is now looking into what can be done to help Caldwell's case, and reports that the lender has promised to resolve the situation quickly. As the video shows, while Caldwell is optimistic and looking forward to settling the dispute with HSBC, she's also waiting to re-experience what she calls her "hallelujah" moment.

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