Plants Vs Zombies 2: All the in-app purchase costs

Plants vs. Zombies 2

Plants Vs. Zombies 2 is out now on the Australian and New Zealand App Stores - an early release billed as a "soft launch" before the game goes global later on this summer. That's given us a chance to pore over the game's divisive in-app purchase costs. So how free is free-to-play in this case? Take a look at the charts below.

All prices have been translated from the New Zealand Dollar currency to the standard US Dollar App Store equivalent. While we've been given no indication that this should be the case, note that prices may change between now and the game's US release.


Special plants that provide a powerful boost on the battlefield.

NameDescriptionPrice (USD)
SquashSmashes a nearby zombie$2.99
ImitaterMimics a seed packet$2.99
Snow PeaShoots pea that slows zombie$2.99
JalapenoIgnites a whole row of zombies$2.99
TorchwoodIgnites peas for double damage$2.99
Power LilyCreates one Plant Food$2.99


Get sun cost refunds when removing plants, additional Plant Food and seed slots, or bonus sun power at the beginning of a fight.

NameDescriptionPrice (USD)
Shovel Bonus+25% sun refund when shoveling$1.99
Plant Food Bonus+1 Plant Food slot$1.99
Sun Bonus+25 starting sun$1.99
Bonus Seed Slot+1 seed slots$1.99

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