NCAA Football 14 kicks off EA Sports' 2013 lineup


NCAA Football 14 is now out on the PlayStation 3 and the XBOX 360. The gameplay thus far has been a major improvement from previous years' games. Most notably, the offensive line play has made greater strides this year than it has in the previous 10 years of NCAA Football games combined.

There are still ways to get nano blitzes and some decent pressure in NCAA Football 14, but the days of getting 3 or 4 man pressure seem to be over. While blocking improvements may seem like a good thing, it may be slightly overpowered this year with plays like bubble screens and standard running plays working a little too well at times. Furthermore, it is commonplace for the offensive linemen to act seemingly psychic even against the most complicated blitzes.

There appear to be a few minor glitches so far in this year's game. The most obvious glitch is something being termed the, "reset glitch" which switches your play back to the default even after you make adjustments such as hot routes or line shifts. Look for a patch to be released within a month or so to fix this problem. Other than that, there are a few annoying glitches but nothing that the average gamer will care about.

Full named rosters with the real names of the every player on each Division I team will start to make their way online over the next few days. As we get word on which ones are decent, we will pass them along to you.

Electronic Arts still has a few huge game releases coming out this year with the usual sports titles like Madden 25 and FIFA 14. Popular shooter game, Battlefield 4, will also be released in October of this year. If NCAA Football 14 is any indicator of how good EA's other titles (with much larger budgets) will be, this will be a solid year for sports gaming.

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