League of Legends season 3 finals moving from USC to the Staples Center

Staples Center

This news just blows my mind. The fact that the sold out University of Sountern California arena of 10,000 screaming fans wasn't enough, Riot has decided that League of Legends needs an even larger venue for their season 3 finals. The only logical location has to be the Staples Center. This is huge. As LoL grows in the eSports/sports realm, it has to offer more opportunity to see the best teams in the world compete to a larger scale of fans.

Look, I was there. I know the intensity, energy, and raw passion that existed in USC's arena last year. The Staples Center can hold 18,000 people. I'm no math expert, that is 8000 more fans that I have 100% confidence will sell out. That's not just domestic fans, I'm talking international fans from the entire globe that love and want to see League of Legends live. We are literally watching the evolution of sports occur right before our eyes.

So move over Kobe, October 4th is for the League of Legends nuts.

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