Gamers willing to give up girls, school, and sunlight for GTA 5


Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto 5 gameplay video sent the Twitterverse abuzz, garnering over 94,000 GTA-related tweets in just 24 hours. Even more impressive is the fact that 91% of the tweets regarding the newest Grand Theft Auto were considered "positive." Just 1% of the reaction was negative which is pretty darn shocking considering how critical gamers are.

These numbers come from social media research firm Fizziology which utilizes social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter to track what press and consumers are saying about key products.

The well-respected research firm also found that 29% of those who tweeted about the game said they would buy it when it releases in September. And apparently, GTA 5 is so highly anticipated that gamers (8% of those who tweeted) are willing to give up a number of things -- 25% will give up girls and 25% will allow their grades to suffer. Seriously, we're dealing with a passionate bunch of fans here; 3% said they would "become a hermit" when the game releases, willing to trade in their job, friends, and even sunlight for it.

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