Escape the Titanic - More cheats and walkthroughs

Escape The Titanic
Escape The Titanic

Escape The Titanic is the latest hidden object/puzzle mobile game to make a big splash in the iOS App Store (pun intended). Like most games of its kind, though, it's easy to get stuck and be unable to move forward.

If you're one of the people who's stuck on a certain level, you're in luck because our friends over at Modojo have provided us with clear and extensive walkthroughs of each level to facilitate your gaming experience.

Check them out below:

Levels 1-24

Part 9 (Levels 25-27)

Levels 26 & 27 walkthroughs

Part 10 (Levels 28-30)

Levels 29 & 30 walkthroughs

Part 11 (Levels 31-33)

Levels 32 & 33 walkthroughs

Part 12 (Levels 34-36)

Levels 35 & 36 walkthroughs

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