Man Allegedly Applies For Job, Then Steals From Cash Register [VIDEO]

There are probably smarter ways to get a job. On Tuesday morning Anthony Thomas filled out a job application at a Citgo gas station in Ocala, Florida. Then, when no one was looking, the 33-year-old allegedly reached into the station's cash register and stole $130 -- and walked out. But the theft reportedly was captured on the station's surveillance camera, and Thomas had filled out his real name on the application and was a regular customer, so police tracked the suspect down pretty quickly, according to the Ocala Star Banner, a Florida newspaper.

Thomas was charged with burglary, petty theft and resisting arrest with violence after he tried to flee the scene, the Ocala Star Banner reported.

Although Ocala police say they found "most of the cash" missing from the drawer in Thomas' possession, Thomas proclaimed his innocence. "I didn't rob no store," he told the Ocala Star Banner. "I did not go into no cash register to get no money."

Thomas wasn't, however, dressed in the same way as the man in the camera -- he was bare-chested and shoeless.

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Reports of job applicants stealing from employers is fairly rare. But theft in the office is an increasingly common occurrence. In the last five years, employee thefts cost retailers alone about $15 billion a year, according to the National Retail Federation. And so in an attempt to coordinate prevention, retailers including Family Dollar, Target, and CVS maintain a shared database of employees' names who have been suspected of stealing from their employers.

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