Update: Xbox One 'Day One Edition' now sold out on Amazon

Xbox One Day One Edition
Xbox One Day One Edition

Following today's news that the Xbox One was no longer available for pre-order on Best Buy's website, online retail giant Amazon also removed the option to purchase the Day One Edition on their website. You can still purchase the standard Xbox One console, but there is no indication that it will arrive at launch. Unlike the standard Xbox One, the Day One version was guaranteed for release day delivery. It also includes a commemorative controller, token code to unlock an exclusive Day One achievement, and premium packaging.

With Best Buy and Amazon sold out of their launch allotment, you are now down to three main retailers -- Amazon, Wal-Mart,Target and GameStop. If you are planning on getting an Xbox One on release day, I'd go ahead and pre-order from one of them sooner rather than later. GameStop last month also stopped accepting pre-orders after it had sold out of its initial allotment, though it's worth noting that they weren't given very many consoles to begin with. Some stores reported they were given only 16 Xbox One units compared to 64 PS4s. Since then, GameStop has reestablished pre-orders for the Day One version.

It's hard to gauge how successful the Xbox One has been early on, mostly because we aren't really sure how many units each retailer has been given. Either way, it looks like they will sell out of whatever that number is. Have you ordered your Xbox One or PS4 yet? If so, from where?

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