Microsoft Japan: Releasing Xbox One 'as is would be difficult'

Xbox One
Xbox One

Microsoft's all-in-one entertainment hub -- aka the Xbox One -- may be a nice fit for people in America and other western markets, but when it comes to non-western markets, like Japan, the company might have to rethink some things. This is according to Microsoft Japan CEO Yasuyuki Higuchi who admitted launching the Xbox One "as is" in Japan would be "difficult."

"(Xbox One) is geared towards a Western lifestyle, and we're looking at whether or not to launch it 'as is' in Japan," Higuchi told

"We're still figuring out how to deal with things like music and video services in each country. To be honest, (releasing it in Japan) as is would be difficult."

Part of the problem in the Xbox One's marketing is how different the Japanese lifestyle is from western countries -- especially the use of a living room. In America, gaming is popular in the living room, but in Japan most gamers tend to stay in the more private confines of their bedroom. Because many tend to live at home in Japan until they are married, gaming in the living room just isn't an option.

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