Introducing COVET Fashion, the latest app from CrowdStar

COVET Fashion
COVET Fashion

Released today, COVET Fashion is the newest exciting game from proven mobile gaming publisher CrowdStar that offers a unique experience combining gaming, real-life designer products, and a special chance to win actual merchandise and expert advice.

Available for free from the iOS App Store for both iPhones and iPads, COVET Fashion first lets users dress up their own avatars in clothing that is actually available in stores. Then, if a user is confident in the outfit they've created, they can enter it into a variety of different style challenges to be rated by fellow fashion-obsessed players using the app. If their ensemble gets the highest rating, chances are they could win real merchandise.

In other words, "the app serves as a platform where players can become style experts and show off their fashion prowess to the community."

In addition to a potentially-rewarding gaming experience, COVET Fashion also serves as a fantastic fashion discovery tool that seamlessly enables users to explore its wardrobe of over 1,000 pieces and, if they so please, to purchase any item they fall in love with.

CrowdStar has also brought in some big names from the fashion industry like celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe to provide commentary, advice, and specialized events just for the players.

Head on over to the App Store and download COVET Fashion for free to experience gaming and shopping like you never have before and check out the official launch trailer for the app below: