What does Sony's latest teaser 'When Worlds Collide' mean?

Matt Liebl, GameZone
When Worlds Collide
When Worlds Collide

Those on Twitter might have noticed an odd little teaser by on Sony today. The official PlayStation account posted a mysterious image of a purple (ish) crescent with the text "When Worlds Collide" above it. The image appeared on the Twitter by itself with no accompanying message from Sony or its PlayStation division.

There was initially tons of speculation as to what it could mean, but a clever NeoGAF member pointed out the cover of an older EDGE magazine which has the same verbage with a feature about Dust 514, CCP's free-to-play first-person-shooter available on PS3.

The text on the cover of the magazine reads: "When Worlds Collide; how Dust 514 unites console and PC games in one astonishing universe." It certainly makes sense for Dust 514 which sees PS3 and PC players directly interacting and affecting each other despite completely separate platforms. The overall reaction seemed to be disappointment when it was revealed to be the game, as many were hoping for something new from Naughty Dog or Sony Santa Monica.

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