Nintendo hails 2013 as the Year of Luigi with new site

The Year of Luigi
The Year of Luigi

Luigi has always played second fiddle to his shorter brother Mario and for the most part, he's been cool with it and we've not minded either, along with Nintendo. This year though, we've seen a lot of Luigi-centric games becoming available, leading the Japanese game maker to hail this year, the Year of Luigi.

Launching a new website, to help push these games and show how the little green fella' has evolved over the past thirty years. It all started way back when with the little guy's Mario Bros arcade title from 1983. Since then he's had a few more obvious outings, but in 90% of games, he's been in the background. Not this year.

In 2013, there's Luigi's Mansion 2, the sequel to the ghost hunting original on the Gamecube, Mario and Luigi RPG 4 and the new DLC pack for Super Mario Bros U, Super Luigi U.

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