Bus Mechanic Turned Hero: Saves Driver From Attack [Video]


Guy Tries to Rob a Bus in Chile and Gets a Surprise Beat Down
Guy Tries to Rob a Bus in Chile and Gets a Surprise Beat Down

It's extraordinarily rare, but every once in a while, there is a true emergency at work -- and a colleague turns hero. By all accounts, that was the case last week when a Chilean mechanic successfully fended off a knife-wielding assailant who was threatening the life of the bus driver, Ruben Sanhueza. In a dramatic encounter, which was caught on video, the 22-year-old bus mechanic, referred to as "Jorge," took it upon himself to attack and beat down the assailant on July 2 while on a packed bus in the central Chilean city of Concepcion. And thanks to Jorge's intervention, the bus employees and passengers remained safe.

As can be seen on the video above, Jorge barely hesitated before jumping into the confrontation; it was as if he were Indiana Jones and happened to be on the scene when such courage was sorely needed. As a report on the Chilean network, TV Chile, noted: "The rest of the riders just observe."

Speaking to TV Chile, Sanhueza expressed gratitude to his co-worker. "Thank God he helped," he said.