Review: Setting sail in The Sims 3 Island Paradise

Sims 3 Island Paradise
Sims 3 Island Paradise

I say this every time EA announces a new expansion forThe Sims 3 – there's just nothing left for them to expand upon. Now on its tenth expansion, The Sims 3continues to improve upon its experience, this time with an all-new Island Paradise expansion.

Like its nine predecessors,Island Paradise has all the bells and whistles you'd expect. New objects, new venues, new traits and skills, and new careers – all of them themed around this island and boating lifestyle. But the real attraction here is the addition of houseboats and the opportunity to build and manage your very own resort.

No longer is your Sim restricted to the ground beneath his/her feet. Houseboats are exactly what they sound like, your Sims' house on a boat, giving you the ability to go anywhere in the ocean. Aesthetically and functionally, it's just like any other house you'd build. Aside from the nautical themed decorations and All-in-one bathroom, there's not much different. You still have all your basic rooms and can perform all the same actions you'd do in a regular house (even going to work by way of water taxi). Being in the ocean is in no way limiting, but it's also not as rewarding as I'd like.

Gameplay when owning a houseboat does open up a bit. You can travel from dock to dock and travel the local islands, or you can take your houseboat (or ski boat or Jet Ski) for a whirl and unlock uncharted territories and open up new areas for you to drop anchor and discover. Underwater explorations through the scuba diving and snorkeling activities can lead to the discovery of exotic fish, caves, and shipwrecks. Like everything else you do, these activities serve as a nice break from the monotony of every day Sim life. It's worth noting, that to take part in some of these activities you need to increase your Sim's scuba diving skill.

Sims 3 Island Paradise
Sims 3 Island Paradise

But for as neat as owning a houseboat and swimming underwater can be, that alone isn't the attraction of Island Paradise. For me, the notion of building and running my own resort was the highlight, mostly because it adds a new element to The Sims 3 gameplay. Resorts in Island Paradise don't follow the typical build-and-play routine. You can actually manage the resort, making all the decisions from what amenities you offer to the uniforms of your employees.

Admittedly, owning your own resort can be a bit overwhelming, but it gives you something to strive for. Whether your building a resort from scratch or purchasing an existing one, it's up to you to get it the best rating possible – decided by guest reactions to the amenities, food, environment, and a ton of other factors.

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