Nintendo is sitting on 'brand-new types of games'

Satoru Iwata
Satoru Iwata

As it turns out, Nintendo only revealed part of its lineup at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) last month. It's keeping announcements for "new types of games" a secret for now.

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said in a recent meeting with investors, "When it comes to brand-new types of games, we have to announce them not too far in advance of the actual release dates in order to have a strong impact in the market and minimize the chance of others introducing similar or competing products. We are working on new types of games, but we would like to announce them much closer to their actual release timings for this reason."

That means if you weren't excited about another Yoshi game, another Donkey Kong, and so on, Nintendo might actually have you covered.

"When it comes to Wii, as Wii Sports spread throughout the world at a sensational speed, some misunderstood that all Wii could do is enable them to play games by moving the Wii Remote," said Iwata. "With Wii U, therefore, we planned to satisfy existing video game fans first and provide new surprises later."

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