Grand Theft Auto 5 creates a new method to flee from cops


The role of the character will be more influential than ever before. GameStop's Facebook page has informed us that players will now be able to use enemy gangs to escape from the police in Grand Theft Auto 5.

GameStop states, "In GTAV, street gangs are still a problem in Los Santos, while the Lost Motorcycle Club is making moves in Blaine County. Some gangs are more interested in fighting the cops than each other – use that to your advantage when escaping the authorities."

When the player takes out a prominent gang member, they can run away from the area and return after a while where there will be no consequences from the gang.

In Grand Theft Auto 5, the police will have "advanced driving tactics", combined with the ability to use gangs to flee from the police should be interesting to see in the upcoming game.

Grand Theft Auto 5 will be launched for PS3 and Xbox 360 on September 17th this year.

What do you fans think of this new feature on GTA5?

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