1 Massive Oil Field Getting Ready to Flow

1 Massive Oil Field Getting Ready to Flow

No find in the past 30 years is bigger than the Kashagan field in the Caspian Sea. But after years of delays, oil will finally begin flowing from this potentially 90 billion barrel behemoth. Outside of the Middle East, it is the largest oil find the world has known, and it could prove to be a long-term play that could produce for years.

So, what took it so long? With a complex geological strucutre, remote location, and harsh weather conditions, making the Kashagan field flow has been a daunting challenge that is expected to cost a total of almost $190 billion. Perhaps the U.S. will not be directly affected by the oil coming from the region, but its presence on the global energy space will certainly be felt. Tune into the video below as Fool contributor Tyler Crowe looks at some of the companies involved in this massive oil find and who stands to benefit.

It may be years before the Kashagan field generates a return for the companies invested in it, but investors shouldn't wait that long to get their own financial future in order. The Motley Fool has compiled a special free report outlining how to build a solid foundation for your portfolio right now. It's called "Secure Your Future With 9 Rock-Solid Dividend Stocks." You can access your copy today at no cost! Just click here.

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