GTA 5 gameplay video coming 'soon,' says Rockstar


Rockstar has promised fans that a new video showing off gameplay for Grand Theft Auto 5 will be released "soon."

"The first Official Gameplay Video is on its way," the studio said in a Q&A posted to their website. Additionally, they promised that more information regarding the game's multiplayer mode -- called Grand Theft Auto Online -- will be coming "soon" as well. "We're very sexcited to unveil it to you sometime this summer," they said.

Although we've now seen an abundance of screenshots and multiple trailers created with footage from the in-game engine, we've yet to see actual gameplay -- I'm talking actual missions. We've heard that you'll be switching between all three main protagonists on a mission, but we have no idea what it looks like, or how it plays. All that has really been shown or talked about so far has been the stories and personalities of Michael, Trevor, and Franklin.

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